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Denim Speakers

  • Bronze and trim metal corner covers
  • Route Loop in Baffle for lights
  • Paint front baffle silver
  • Flatten out the grill
  • Determine mixing desk voltage out and figure out how to transform into Arduino line in
  • Buy more S-pattern addressable led strip
  • Buy TRS and XLR and usb-b female connectors
  • Buy Arduino Audio analyser
  • Rewire Speakers and Crossover
  • Wire Arduino and line in with Audio analyser

LED Cactus


  • Pipe and Joiners: $18.60
  • Lights: $32.01
  • RF Module: $1
  • Arduino: $3.27

Rainbow Road

Laser Tag

TS Laser Tag

Shade Gazebo


  • Take Measurements
  • Source Shade cloth
  • Source Velcro

Costs thus far: $0 Assumed Costs to finish: $20

TS GoCart


  • Install New Wiring loom
  • Redesign/Install Gear lever and foot controls

Assumed Costs to finish: $50

TS Dune Buggy


  • Engine Rebuild
  • Pedal box Rebuild
  • Wire wheel and paint Rims, replace tyres

Costs thus far: $650 Assumed Costs to finish: >$100

Gaming Table


  • Make dice pit inserts
  • Replace legs with single piece 5x5
  • Make Drawers


Initiation Torches

Overall Costs: $45 Time spent: 2 days group + 1 for bag



  • Wire terminal posts

Costs thus far: $5

Project Scrapped and requirements included into rainbow road project

Giant Jenga

Timber Costs:
$33.74 for 14 Pine Shorts @ $2.41 each
$35 for polyurethane

Will make 54 Blocks - One standard jenga set. what about a tower sized carry box, which when flipped upside down, can be used as the table the tower starts on?

Tile Tasks

    • Arbitrary Drinking Based
  • Back in my day - Drink for every player younger than you
  • Suckling Babe - Drink for every player older than you
  • Crypt Keeper – Oldest person drinks then gives a drink
  • Embryo – Youngest person drinks then gives a drink
  • Gary Coleman – Shortest person drinks then gives a drink
  • Lurch – Tallest person drinks then gives a drink
  • Compliments – Give a compliment to everyone playing, everyone drinks
  • Mixer Tap - Insult the person to the right, Complement the person to your left. Everyone involved drinks
  • Crazy Cat Lady – Drink for every cat you have ever owned
  • Down the Hatch – Finish your drink
  • Give 1 – Make someone drink 1 times
  • Give 2 – Make someone drink 2 times
  • Give 3 – Make someone drink 3 times
  • Government Employee - Anyone who receives a paycheck funded by taxes drinks.
  • Peer Pressure - Take 1 drink for every person playing
  • Sibling Rivalry – Drink for every sibling you have
  • Wasted Education – One drink for every year of education irrelevant to your current job

    • Talking Based
  • 2 Truths and a Lie – Tell two truths and one lie, everyone must guess which was the lie. You drink for every person who guesses correctly
  • Bob Dole – You can only refer to yourself in the third person for the rest of the game, drink each time you forget
  • Castaway – You can only talk to inanimate objects for the rest of the game, drink each time you forget
  • Want to know how I got these scars? - Tell a story that lead to a scar on your body, everybody drinks at the end
  • Lets Get Ready To Rumble - Mime into a microphone and talk like a Boxing ring announcer for the rest of the game, drink each time you forget
  • Nicknames – You assign nicknames to everyone and people can only use those names for the rest of the game, if someone forgets, they drink
  • Question Master – You are the question master for the rest of the game, if anyone answers a question you ask them, they drink
  • Rules Lawyer - For the remainder of the game, each time you remind someone they have to drink, you also have to drink
  • Saboteur - Pick a code word and announce it to the players, If someone not playing says this word, you must destroy the tower. this needs clarification...
  • Silent Bob - Drink once for every word you say until the end of the game.
  • Stumped - In a sentence, use a word no one knows the meaning of. If someone can define it you must drink. If no one knows it, everyone else must drink

    • Action Based
  • Bar Wench – You have to fetch everyone’s drinks
  • Bass Player – Stand with your face in the corner of the room until your next turn. No talking *Renamed
  • Blind Man – Have the other players blindfold you. you may remove the blindfold once you have pulled a block in your next turn.
  • Change places - Everyone passes their drink one to the left
  • Dance – You have to dance for at least a minute. Game play continues
  • Cock Block – A dick is drawn on the block, you have to take a photo with it and post it on social media / TS group *amended to add TS group
  • Find a Hat – Find a hat (or something that can be a hat) and wear it for the rest of the game
  • Flashback - Find an absent friend on social media, ‘like’ a photo that is over a year old. Players who know the friend drink
  • Hand Switch – You can only use your non-dominant hand for the rest of the game, drink each time you forget
  • Its a keeper - Drink. Keep this block, stack it back on the tower in place of taking a block in the future
  • Kitten Mittens – You must play the rest of the game wearing gloves, or if unavailable, closed fists this one kinda ruins someones game? pending inplay testing
  • MacGyver - Fashion a new block from a can or other handy item, place the jury rigged block atop the tower and remove this tile from play. Everyone Drinks
  • Make a rule – You make a rule that holds for the rest of the game. The rule must apply to all players, the rule breaker AND YOU drink each time its broken
  • Moustache (draw a moustache on the tile) – you have to hold the moustache up to your mouth for the rest of the game, including when drinking and pulling
  • No Guts, No Glory – No one can take any centre pieces for the rest of the game
  • Rainbow Warrior - Pick a colour, everyone drinks for every piece of clothing they wear matching that colour (yourself included)
  • Rewind – Take this block and place it back IN the tower (not on top) from a spot other than you pulled it from
  • Sharing is Caring – Everyone pours a little bit of their drink into a cup, you have to skull the concoction *Gross, but acceptable gross
  • Sobriety Test – Remove another block while continuously drinking
  • The Get Down – You have to sit for the rest of the game
  • The Real Slim Shady – You have to stand for the rest of the game
  • T-Rex Arms – You must do everything with T-Rex arms for the rest of the game (elbows touching your sides)
  • Tribal Council – On the count of 3 everyone points to a player. The player with the most people pointing at them must finish their drink. Ties are settled by Rock Paper Scissors *Clarified rules to work without paper voting
  • Twins– Pick someone to be your twin for the rest of the game, when you drink, they drink, and vice versa
  • Waterfall - All players start drinking, no one else can stop drinking until you stop drinking

    • More Suggestions
  • Sweet wheels - Drink for every car you have owned
  • Questions - You can only talk in the form of a question for the rest of the game. Drink each time you forget.
  • Song titles - You elect another player who can only talk using song titles for the rest of the game. They drink each time they forget.
  • Diversion - Keep this tile. Whenever anybody draws a block, you can choose to divert the action of that block to another player. Replace this tile on the tower once used.
  • Fancy New Hat - Place this block on your head and balance it there with out using your hands for the rest of the game. If it falls you must finish your drink then place this block back on the tower.
  • Yah Har– You must talk like a pirate for the rest of the game, drink each time you forget reworked from 'talk in accent' block
  • Yo ho ho - Have the other players blindfold one of your eyes, like a pirate patch. Play with this for the rest of the game.
  • All Hands on Deck - You must hold a piece of cutlery in one of your hands for the rest of the game Like a pirate hook. All actions done with that hand can only be done with the held cutlery. Set completion thing for this and the 2 above? Needs play testing. Might be too similar to Kitten Mittens
  • Get out of block(Jail) free - Keep this block and replace it later to skip a future block status or replace now to remove an existing rule.