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Members by Category

Members (Trouts)

In order of forum membership

  • Scott C aka Minikeg 26/09/2004 founder
  • Bill K aka Kroony 26/09/2004 founder
  • Stefan W aka Spoon / Ham.Sandwich - currently AWOL 26/09/2004 founder
  • Joel D aka Sarevok 26/09/2004 founder
  • Robert D aka Marker 26/09/2004 founder
  • James B aka Phoenix 26/09/2004 founder
  • Matthew N aka Hero / TSNQ chapter 26/09/2004 founder
  • SC-NF-Alex F aka Dark_Merlin 27/11/2005
  • JD-Max P aka Ras 07/02/2006
  • BK-Joel H aka Spam 10/02/2006
  • SC-Nigel F aka Mentor 11/05/2006
  • JD-Bec D aka Radital 05/10/2006
  • BK-Oliver P aka Rythmear 21/12/2006
  • BK-Amos R aka Moss 02/04/2007
  • JD-MP-Ben S aka Fort 21/05/2007
  • BK-Samii B aka Trouble 09/02/2008
  • BK-AR-James MacI aka Fronk 17/12/2009 Eternal Member
  • BK-AR-Carly L
  • BK-OP-Phillip Y
  • BK-Riley B aka Valdyr 19/10/2012
  • BK-AR-Laurel Fowler
  • BK-RB-Cat S Cat
  • BK-AR-JM-Terry R aka Tez 02/05/2015 and 28/11/2015
  • BK-RB-Katie L 15/10/2016
  • BK-RB-Paul M 15/10/2016
  • BK-RB-Stuart C 07/04/2017

Social Members

  • SC-Jessica De B aka Yolei / Hikari - XM 18/10/2004
  • MN-Abaddon aka Abaddon 08/01/2006
  • BK-JH-Daniel S aka Jesta 21/02/2006
  • BK-JH-Zoe L aka Ravengirl 24/05/2006
  • BK-Andrew McG aka Ndroo 09/10/2006
  • BK-Oliver P aka Rythmear 21/12/2006
  • RD-Dom aka Dr_Funk 23/12/2007
  • BK-AM-Steve M aka Super_Shadow 30/01/2008
  • JB-Melinda B aka CrimsonRose 14/03/2008
  • JD-MP-Rebecca M aka Bec 18/09/2008
  • SC-Jay C aka Yankee 12/03/2010
  • SC-Daniel F aka Flick 01/10/2010
  • BK-RB-Lachlan C 28/11/2015


  • RD-Sami D
  • BK-AM-Amanda G
  • BK-RB-Aleesha C
  • BK-RB-Aislinn M


  • SC-DF-Andrew G
  • BK-JH-Gregory N
  • SC-Stephen B
  • BK-JM-TR-Luke E
  • BK-RB-KL/PM Mia W
  • BK-JM-JS-Matthew W


  • BK-JH-Jake H
  • SC-NF-AF-Jeremy L
  • BK-JH-Karrick
  • BK-JH-Judd M
  • MN-NS-Della S
  • BK-JM-Jane S
  • BK-JM-J-Mitch F Soda

Membership Process


Someone starts out they may just be hanging around. They have no membership claim or rights but are generally known by all Members.


A roe can be nominated by one or several full members giving them the title of Spawnling. Spawnlings are welcome in all social gatherings organised by the club. But hold no claim to Trout-Slap items and cant invite others to events. Spawnling are expected to help members and other Spawnlings, participate in working events and help out with organising and running of events. Tasks delegated to a Spawnling cant be delegated back onto a full member with out valid reason. The Spawnling minimum time period is 3 months, after which time a process of informal blind voting takes place. If a full member was to say to a Spawnlings "good job, you will be a member soon" that would count as a vote from that member. The member who nominated the Spawnling is to listen out for such remarks and that member feels a majority has bean reached he will preform a survey of those positive members to make sure their views on the Spawnling are still positive.

the Spawnling process works best if the Spawnling in question isn't fully aware of the Spawnling process. (fuckin' stuart!)


Simply the spouse of a full member. This position holds all the same social status of membership but none of the administrative rights (discussion voice, voting rights). Answering the question "would they hang out with us without their member spouse?" as 'No' is a good indication of Barnacle status.

Social Member

Once the blind vote and general consensus has been reached positively in the prospects favour they are informed they are a member. This earns them use of Trout-Slap property, an Email address and voice in general issues and event planing.

Social Members are also Members who are no longer as active or for what ever reason have all the respect a Member has


To be a member you require great social participation in Trout-Slap to be classed a Member. Moving from Social Member to Member will change from person to person, but for the most part they are heavily involved in the planning and legwork for events, the aftermath and cleaning of events and importantly happy to fulfil tasks during events to ensure its smooth running. Normally an Associate Member will throw a party in honour of a Member. Membership can also be obtained through extra ordinary events, Eg Bobz0r vs Trout-Slap in CS:S, Bobz0r won. Members are assigned or preferably volunteer/assume a roll in Trout-Slap, when this roll is no longer being preformed they either take on another roll or back step to Associate Member.

Moving from Social Member to full member for the first time involves a Initiation Ceremony

The whole Membership process is skipped for those that are Partners, offspring or save the life of a member, if they so wish.