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(Generic Must-Haves to take)
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===Generic Must-Haves to take===
===Generic Must-Haves to take===
*'''TROUT-SLAP Donations Box'''
*Glowsticks Cuntss
*Glowsticks Cuntss
*Music / Stereo
*Music / Stereo

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Planning (Remove this section after camp has happened)

Things to Build

Motorbike track time trial check point hoops

Generic Must-Haves to take

  • TROUT-SLAP Donations Box
  • Glowsticks Cuntss
  • Music / Stereo
  • Timelapse Camera & tripod
  • Stargazing picnic blankets
  • Jaffle Iron / TS Camp Kitchen

Food to take

  • Bacon
  • Mince
  • Nachos / Corn Chips
  • Beer / Keg
  • Pancake choc chips
  • Marshmallow / Chocolate Melt Biscuits / Smores

Wet Weather gear

Check the weather in the week/days leading up

  • Playing Cards / Poker Run / Darts / Coits
  • Munchkin / Cards Against Humanity
  • Towels / Raincoats


  • Sparklers
  • Slack Line
  • Frisbees
  • Fireworks
  • Nigels???
  • Porn
  • Strippers

Things to do

  • Back of Ute painting / Paint fight
  • United Nations
  • Houses
  • King Determination
  • Presidential voting
  • Inductions
  • Bikes
  • make 2017/2018 gallery images


Date date
Event Link event link
Location Bulahdelah
Weather weather
Attendees Attendees

No Set Time

  • Facebook: TBD Event Link Goes Here
  • Video Link: TBD
  • Photos: TBD TS Media Link Goes Here
  • Quotes:
    • TBD



Either use the old inbuilt gallery as per here;

or upload files to the trout-slap media server, and grab the automatically generated code and make a new page called 20XX_XC_Attendees_Gallery then use the following code;

20XX XC Attendees Gallery