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is this thing on? Am i broardcasting Well I hope someone can hear me. *stressed laugh*

I have been researching the weather and all that. But struth is it harder with out google. yea nah you see the fuckin', theres rad clouds, and their choofing down from the north. The flaming rad clicker getting faster and faster. I graphed it out and everything. Just like a sheep on a sea saw its all comming to a tipping point. heres the long and the short of it. we need to get out. that rad cloud is a commin' and the battlers left standing on the dead earth will be left even deader.

I figure with my math-ing we have just under a year, before kickin about on the surface will leave you stone cold in a matter of hours. Im pissin'off, gettin up past the clouds. gettin myself into space and I would bloody well say you should too.

I have concluded my year long study of radiation fallout from the northern hemesphere. The background radiation count has been steadily increasing but due to large storms these levels are reaching a critical point. By my estimation we have just under a year to relocate, after which point background radiation will be fatal to humans in mear days.

In a years time, humans remaining on the surface of earth will experience acute radiation sickness in a matter of hours, with continued exposure leading to mutation or death.