2018 AGM Minutes

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Minutes of the thing - Taken by Bill


  • Scott
  • Riley
  • Maddy
  • Aleeshart
  • Carly
  • Katie
  • Paul
  • Bill


  • Tschnizzle


Official start by Scott at [20:42] Scott explains we are doing a dine and dash. Scott explains we are an organisation and we should do things by the books....books that we make
stuart explains that ioof is amazing
General By-Law Reviewing
Many don't understand the piece of paper titled "Members" is a list of the members in Trout-Slap and the piece of paper titled By-Laws is a list of the existing By Laws in Trout-Slap
Scott hypothetically talks about land ownership and we all reflect that the "bring a cunt, you're a cunt" rule is awesome

last year minutes and action review

Stuart to make a gavel - Didn't happen - Katie tries to take the task, Stuart affirms he will totally purchase a rubber fish gavel this year. Fish head sack review. Bill admits he didn't remember what it was. Group clarified it as something that an attendee at an induction can wear when they are not to see the secret stuff. Carly to action the purchase of a rubber fish mask. All agreed. Katie voices she wants fish ball gag camp. The congregation unsettles then moves on quickly to the ..... membership charter!

Membership charters

Suggestion Luke to become member at next available chance, resounding agreement ensues. Riley wants clarification on member spouse role. general agreement they kinda float in between a few member categories. discussion about a new membership category for this situation. the name is important but we settle on barnacle. If there is a problem barnacles can be simply scraped off...wow. Bill to create barnacles list of partner members (bill does shit count: 1)(bill passive aggressive whinging: 1)(bill 3rd party self referencing minutes notes: 1) Katie motions to puke over Stuart and Treasurer Aleesha PDA. Paul seconds, (hypocritical seconding PDA) all agree. All slosh in our own sick. Outlandish plans to share camp times if Stuart and Treasurer Aleesha divorce. Both are to be separated and asked which camp they would like to go to, if they both pick the same one they are both banned from all camps that year. if they pick different ones they can go to those respective camps. If collusion is suspected they are both banned. back on topic ppl! bec d is to be a barnacle. We look through the member list and get distracted by James M.. (yea double period!) Suggestion of life member status for Fronk. decided to take final decision offline at camp. Needs to be made inebriated. ( Eternal Member? ) Scott finds all the barnacles in the member List. Bill to update online list to match (Bill does shit count(BDSC): 2) Katie to make Mia a barnacle. Discussion and review of By Laws affirms she qualifies for Spawning. Bill to add Mia to Spawning list (BDSC: 3)

Merch Charterss

Scott complains he can nolonger see the Trout-slap logo on is amazing 12 year old trout-slap shirt cause of all the PDA spitup on it. Bill managed puke on the floor and thus his shirt and logo is visible. Riley wants a shirt. Then everyone wants a shirt. Riley to organise new shirts. Bill to send him the existing shirt design files. (BDSC: 4(OK this is fucking old ill stop)) Patches are still for sale. Where are the patches? there are still patches? there is general surprise. The patches live in the cashbox as they are Trout-Slap Properly. Treasurer Aleesha brought the patches, but not the cashbox. How will people see the cool paint job Bill and Scott did on the lock box if its not brought to AGM? Perhaps bring it to camp. Bill and Katie each buy a patch! There is an issue with change being complicated before Stuart realises the patches are $5 and Australian cash denominations comes in multiples of $5. This is why Treasurer Aleesha is the Treasurer. Bill clarifies the club funds purchases new robes for new members. Bill to get robes for Luke and XXXXXXXXXXXX [Redacted]. Bill to update Robe link in wiki and inform members when he places order in case anyone wants to piggyback on that.

Camp Chartersss

Scott barely finishes announcing the Camp charter is at hand before Paul, calmly but firmly, informs everyone camp is on the weekend of the 13th of October. There is a flurry of phones as people rush to check those dates work for them, during which there is a consensus that Paul would in fact be a strong but attentive lover. After frantic checking, everyone submissively agrees to Paul's statement and the talk moves on to the fact we can invite new people to camp. Bill Suggests due to his outstanding NWW assistance that Matt W is invited to camp. General agreement is had. We generally scratch our head as to if there is anyone else to invite. Most people start suggestively staring at Riley, then Maddy, then back at Riley. Riley then asks if Maddy can come to camp and everyone unanimously agrees that she can come. General brief agreement that Maddy is cool and also did a shitton for NWW. Stuart suggests we invite Blackwood to camp, or whats left of him. Hes cool and his little ones might be old enough that he can leave for a weekend.

Discussion about camp assets. Bill informs that most camp stuff is in storage unit. There is general amazement from Scott. Camp gear still isn't sorted properly and the stuff left in various members sheds needs to be gone through and culled where necessary. Carly self proclaims she is the best at organising storage. Paul disagrees and they both leave to fight to the death in the car park. They shortly return claiming to have solved who is the best at organising storage but feel is it not necessary to share their findings with other members. Once the camp assets are organised and collated they could be placed in a shipping container. When at camp someone to talk to Troy about getting a container and placing it in a camp corner. He will likely know where to geti it and who could deliver it. Troy is oddly connected for a non crime boss......we think he is a non crime boss? Once camp assets are organised, Bill to create a register for items.

Story Time

(Continued From Last Time)

Affecting him in the former sense was Bobby-Joe Ricky Tucker. Bobby-Joe was a can stacker from the southern northwest, working out of the northern southeast branch of CanShop in Cardinalville. Every Friday like clock work, Bobby-Joe's shop received a shipment of cans and it was his job to stack those cans in the pre-defined corporate approved can tower. Florm, obviously due to its physical nature, could only be stored a pyramid arrangement. In turn Flarm, as common sense would dictate, can only be stored in a trapezoidal configuration. This was something that was covered in Bobby-Joe's can stacker training. Much to the confusion of Bobby-Joe, as he had assumed everyone has just learnt this from a young age as he had. Ultimately this situation was a simple mistake, but with devastating consequences. As the shoppers started to purchase their cans of Florm and Flarm, the initial grand size of the towers inhibited the reaction. And as general knowledge dictated, the shoppers took special care to keep the overall shape of the displays the same as the took from them. This was all until Sally Anne Mae Montana made her critical purchase of Florm. Taking 3 cans from the dwindling incorrect trapezoidal display finally caused it to happen.

(To be continued)

Preemptive Treasures Report

Aleeshart need to travel home on the gocycle. They need to interrupt proceedings and give the Treasures Report. Current Account is $131.01, 1 Nigel, And a $50 IOU from Bill. Bill promptly pays his IOU before someone has the chance to buy his debt and make him clean their house naked in order to pay it off. Stuart Pays cash for their dinners but owes bill money for drinks. he will pay it back with jobs of blow. There is much excitement among the group as perhaps sneaky BJ's will become the new form of inter-member currency. On initial reflection and at the risk of lockjaw its dismissed.

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Store Owner Show and Tell

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Quick wrap up. Other charterssssssssssssss