2018 AGM Minutes

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Minutes of the thing - Taken by Bill


  • Scott
  • Riley
  • Maddy
  • Aleeshart
  • Carly
  • Katie
  • Paul
  • Bill


  • Tschnizzle


official start by Scott at [20:42] scott explains we are doing a dine and dash. scott explains we are an organisation and we should do things by the books....books that we make stuart explains that | ioof is amazing General By-Law Reviweing Many dont understand the piece of paper titled "Members" is a list of the members in Trout-Slap and the piece of paper titled By-Laws is a list of the existing By Laws in Trout-Slap scott hypetically talks about land ownership and we all reflect that the "bring a cunt, you're a cunt" rule is awesome