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(By-Law Discount = Fishcount)
(Story Time)
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Millions of soft drinks cans were mislabelled and dispatched to stores. It was mildly irritating for some, a pleasant surprise for others.
Millions of soft drinks cans were mislabelled and dispatched to stores. It was mildly irritating for some, a pleasant surprise for others.
([[2018_AGM_Minutes#Story_Time|To be continued]])
=== Merch 2017 ===
=== Merch 2017 ===

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MINUTES OF THE THING - Taken by Stuart


  • Terry
  • Bill
  • Robert
  • Scott
  • Paul
  • Aleeshart


  • Oliver


  • Riley
  • Katie
  • Oliver also apologised


Previous Minutes

Minutes Accepted

Business Arising

  • Riley was gonna make a trout gavel…. But has not yet; stuart offered to make a gavel. Needs a bottle opener
  • Camp Inventory; Scott has done kitchen inv. Aleeshart has kites, campchair and quoiTS
  • Max didn’t make the prima vera pizza

Roe Process & New Nominations

Bill suggests to change the process for nominations, previously had to attend camp, perhaps extend to other events.

Much discussion about perfecting the approval process. Spawnlings who are not being initiated will be asked to wear a headsack, to preserve some of the mystery for when they are themselves initiated.

It was noted that gaining consent and making sure they don’t freak out is important.

A safeword for the process of headsacking will be decided on the internet.

Funds Spending

Need a process for decided what to spend money on.

Enemies are everywhere, the books need to be transparent

Facebook votes to approve spending, declare a time frame

It was recognized that joel would probably win on a pov-off

By-Law Camp Dates

Camps should be within one week of daylight saving changes.

Steve Bowskill has invited us to his new farm in Cessnock ish.

Scot checked it out, it was in the style of Steve.

Joel observed that steve was likely the next evolution of nigel.

Joel will organised a watagans camp

Katie interrupted an important conversation.

Other Events

Extra annual evenTS

Katie and paul own Halloween.

Be a patriotic arsehole day is at Aleeshart’s

Tabletop day location was discussed, The lass O’gowrie was suggested or the Croation club – handover suggestions to max and see where it goes

Initiation Costumes

Everybody should wear a hooded cloak. This conversation continues.

Joel is going to make the headsack which will look like a trout.

By-Law Discount = Fishcount

Discounts amongst members are now known as “Fishcounts” Forwarded by Bill, seconded about Oliver as he bragged about his English Majorwanker.

AGM and IT become one

NOPe. Keep em separated.

Scott will organise this years IT. Probably at a chinese restaurant or some shit.

Membership Charter

New Roe;

  • Crawled out of a Sewer - Aislinn
  • Jane & Soda

a nerf war erupted

How lame is getting old

Everybody agrees that we should make efforts to have more small events, as infrequent large events make it hard to keep everybody together

If everybody threw up events whenever it would be great

Let the minutes state that scott wasn’t wrong

Story Time

(Continued From Last Time)

Goblins are often blamed for the high insurances costs borne by consumers, but this is certainly an incorrect assumption.

Further to this, legislation was introduced in attempt to minimise the impact of the great troll immigration. Known colloquially as “The Grundig Act”, it was generally well received by the members of the prospective party, but less so by others.

Eventually the unrest in the southern northwest reach an ignorable level and required action by the council. Several riders were assigned and never heard from again.

Millions of soft drinks cans were mislabelled and dispatched to stores. It was mildly irritating for some, a pleasant surprise for others.

(To be continued)

Merch 2017

Patches were sold for 5 dollaridoos to some people.

Treasurers Report 2017

Kitty is $181

Bill rescinded the position of treasurer to Aleesha.

It was a savage battle, with many collateral casualties.

Aleesh clawed the donation box from bill’s twitching bloodied fingers. Holding the box above her head she howled a primal victory scream.

New Items

Oliver wants to run a scavenger hunt

Stuart wants to reboot the TS film festival

Another nerf war erupted === Oliver plugs the play he is in “the diary of anne frank”

Something funny happened and I was gonna write it down but then I didn’t. now you get the new funny instead.


  • Now - Riley - Bravo needs to be moved to Minmi
  • Now - Kroony - Create online survey for headsack safeword
  • Q1 2018 - Joel - Joel will make headsack that looks like a fish.
  • Q2 2018 - Stuart - Stuart will make a gavel
  • Later - Joel Joel will organise watagans camp
  • Later - Oliver - Oliver wants to run a scavenger hunt
  • Later - Stuart - Stuart wants to reboot the TS film festival