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The Thri-Kreen are Mantis People.

Stat Block

A Thri-Kreen Warrior

+2 WIS, +2 DEX, -4CHA
Humanoid (Insectoid)
Medium Sized
Weapon Familiarity: Catchas and Gythkas
Darkvision: Out 60ft

Multi-Limbed: Fitting their insectoid physiology, Thri-Keen have two sets of arms. However, similarly to a human's handedness, a Thri-Keen typically specializes in one set of limbs. The second set can perform mundane tasks, but in the stress of combat, a Thri-Keen cannot use their additional limbs for any purposes, including using spell components, wielding weapons, or making unarmed attacks.

A Thri-Keen's additional limbs do grant it a +2 bonus on Acrobatics and Escape Artist checks, however. In addition, a Thri-Keen's multiple hands allow it to qualify for the Multiattack feat, even though it wouldn't normally. A Thri-Keen cannot take the Multiattack feat unless they have a Dexterity of at least 15 and a base attack bonus of +3 or more.

Upon gaining the multiattack feat, the Thri-Keen can use their additional hands to wield weapons, following the normal rules for Two-Weapon Fighting and Multiweapon Fighting. They can also use their additional hands to make unarmed attacks and they grant the Thri-Keen a +2 bonus to their Combat Maneuver Bonus and Combat Maneuver Defense; they cannot use their additional hands to make combat maneuver checks, however.

Immunity to Sleep: Thri-kreen do not sleep, and are immune to sleep affects. They still need 8 hours rest to regain spells/pp etc.