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A Slitheren Guard

The Slitheren are a race of (mostly) bipedal monstrous humanoids with a distinctly rat-like appearance. This race of Rat-men appeared in the southern regions of the Black Forest some five hundred years ago, and while sightings are uncommon, the number of sightings of these creatures has increased markedly in the last 50-100 years.

Rumour has it that the Slitheren operate from a large underground ‘warren’ located deep within the oppressive Black Forest. A small society, they are ferociously territorial, and as such little is known about how they live, their social structure, their habits and (most disturbingly) their intentions.

Largely an enigma, the Slitheren seem content to guard their small territory, keep to themselves, and continue doing whatever it is they do. For the majority of the inhabitants of Grunn, this suits them just fine.

Or this?