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SR Boston QZ.jpg


  • aaa= 24 hour constant patrols, constant astral monitoring, 90% drone and cctv coverage high lifestyle minimum
  • aa= as aaa but slightly less vigilant high lifestyle minimum
  • a= constant KE patrols, occasional astral sweeps and 75% drone coverage medium on high lifestyle
  • b=as A except but for a commercial district so onsite security is often present. medium high lifestyle
  • c=occasional patrol and astral monotoring and 50% drone coverage medimu or low lifestyle
  • d= no patrols, sparce astral monotoring and 50%drone coverage. low lifestyle
  • z= no law enforcement

Points of Interest

  • minutemen HQ = HQ for the minutemen who cover Boston onsite security
  • MCT Archaeology= underground archaeology of mitsuhrima computer technologies
  • harvard= the UCAS most prestigious university
  • dwarftown= Boston dwarf underground
  • Logan airports= centre of refuge for 30,000 people.
  • MIT&T= North Americas leading magic and matrix research centre, currently quarantined after and explosion
  • fenway park= home of the Boston red sox and where the neon dragon crashed
  • doc wagon hospital= the only function hospital in the QZ, fully privatised
  • Movelli HQ= the restaurant of Bostons East End are where Bostons are where Bostons Italian mafia reside
  • Copley square= luxury shopping mall
  • azzie pyramid= Aztechnology's footprint in Boston
  • Boston harbour= heavily secure where Boston receives supplies from the outside
  • Boston garden= home of the Boston Celtics
  • Mother Church= Giver of food and Nugen to anyone in need.
  • Inman Square= Red light district of sorts, Numerous shadowrunner haunts.
  • NeoNET Towers= NeoNET, Four towers each over 200 stories tall
  • Stock Exchange= Abandoned location of the Stock Exchange. Now inhabited by Mama's Boys.
  • KE HQ= The Sprawling KE HQ Complex
  • O'Rilley HQ=The south end industrial is where Boston Irish mafia reside
  • Black Bazaar= the nomadic Black Bazaar, almost exclusively the only place to get forbidden or AV10+ gear in the QZ
  • Humanis= HQ of the humannis policlub - 2057's KKK
  • Urban Brawl Arena= Where the Boston massacre play their Home Games. Now a man names Eric "Bathroom" Stalls runs combat competitions

Other Zones

  • IP= Ittadiated Pakour is an avid description for this ghost & Adept thrill Gang. Leader is a Nosferatu named Incie Wincie Spider
  • the Coxx= An all female street gang that runs the street level bussiness of the O'Rilleys lead by lazy susan
  • The Cleaners= A bunch of lunatic Pyromaniacs in a similar vein to seattler's halloweners. Leader is an elf woman named Graphite
  • Hell Riders= 2068 was the start of the MC supremacy Wars. The Hell Riders were the eventual victors absorbing all of the other MS's in boston Prescint
  • Ancients= The elven criminal organisation has a presence in Boston. Lucky Liumis the Chapter Head

BORDERS of QZ. Manned by a Military Task force headed by the corporate council and and consisting of megacorp security forces and the UCAS national guard.