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This is a wiki for Trout-Slap pathfinder

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Loose Threads

  • Eye of Serenray: Giant Diamond...we should steal?
  • Death Threat: Someone wants to kill us, prolly Seth
  • Gaze: We don't like him, he prolly knows this. We should kill him. He can no longer see our future actions. And cause hes blind he cant see our present actions. when we kill him make sure we shower first so he cant smell us coming :P
  • Otter: Who is it?? who hired it to mess with Sebastian Pollac WHY AN OTTER?!
  • Air Ship - we have one... we should do something with it? perhaps use it to take all the supplies to faircall and sell them? Or mine the metal ore vein and use it to transport the ore
  • Henrietta is enjoying Crownswall which has been hit by a magical disaster - Multi-planar collision.