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NOTE: this article is very rough and yet to be finished.

Residing under the Smoking Mountains.

Evolved from a naturally occuring subterranean magical fungus, Goblins are related their larger cousins the Ork, and more distantly the Myconid.

Goblins rarely wander far from the dark volcanic region of the northeast - an area teeming with monsters and creatures of chaos. Despite their small size and limited defences, Goblins thrived due to rapid breeding, vicious attitude and their ability to work togethet and swarm a larger opponent.

Traditionally, goblins live in vast subterranean communities, subsisting on a diet of fungus and meat - fish, rats, the occasional unfortunate passer by, etc. Their fast metabolism gives them amazing energetic reserves, but requires them to eat their own body weight each day.

When Dwarven expansionism lead them into Goblin territory, the Goblins viewed Dwarves as they would any other creature of the region, either a) something that would eat them, or b) something to eat. The Dwarves viewed the Goblins as vermin inconveniently in the way of vast riches within the mountain tunnels the Goblins called home. When mining began, the ensuing battles were vicious and cruel. This has lead to hundreds of years of war and an inherent hatred between the two races.

Each Goblin tribe is ruled by a king or queen. This honour is bestowed not by lineage but is generally self-appointed. Fierce rivalry is common - it is considered fitting that a new leader defeat and eat their predecessor, as any Goblin King who can be killed is not fit for leadership.

A king or queen's role in the tribe is to protect the tribe and provide them with abundant food. If they are generally considered unfit for leadership, or suffer a great defeat, it is not uncommon for tribes to collectively kill and eat their own leader and appoint a new one. Goblin history tells of reluctant leaders thrust into this position by force, only to excell - a parable of the power of the threat of death to bring out the best in a Goblin.


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