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An Elf and her cat


The history of our many now disparate peoples begins thus;

We were born in ages past; our race is old second only to dragon kind in its longevity though we have not enjoyed that races serenity. A generation after our races birth we fell to quarrelling and from those quarrels we rifted for the first time, the people of Călător, the wandering people left us and the civil war began.

It was a war that would be fought in passing for the next five thousand years, neither side pressing the attack but bloody conflict whenever the warring factions met. It would continue until the coming of the Slaan. The Empire of Slaan came out of the north and waged an intense and bloody war against all of elvenkind which played out over the span of a generation and in its throws the second rift took place and the people of Măreţ, the lofty people walked away from their bretheren in the height of our need travelling across the mountains and into the black forest.

The war concluded within a span of years with the elves defeating the Slaan and pushing them back into the northern lands from whence they had come but not without cost. The cities of the elves were in ruins and their once proud society was in tatters thus they became the people of Sălbatic, the wild people.

In the years since both wars ended the Sălbatic and the Călător have forged a tenuous bond, they occupy the same forest and are surrounded by the same enemies and encroaching allies and share a deep hatred of the Măreţ who nearly destroyed them all with their callousness and cowardice.

The People

The People of Călător - The Traveling People

The People of Măreţ - The Lofty People

The People of Sălbatic - The Wild People