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  • Each time Brother Fronk is with a woman, he must formally notify his fellow TS members - Passed 2013 - Repealed 2014
  • Prospects/noms to be known as "Spawnlings" - Passed 2012
  • Partners, Offspring or saving the life of a member permits automatic membership - Voluntary - Passed 2012
  • Handshake - Fish wiggle - Passed 2012
  • Camp donation fee $5 - Passed 2012 - Under revision 2015
  • "Hangabouts" to be known as "Roe" - Passed 2013
  • All members offspring are Spawnlings until of age and can make own decisions - Passed 2013
  • Roe get added to TS Facebook group after they attend a camp - Passed 2014
  • Roe are removed if they have not contributed enough or attended in a significant non-determined amount of time - Passed 2014
  • The TS Facebook group represents TS affiliations and not necessarily members - Mentioned 2012 - Passed 2014
  • Camp Invitation Guidelines - "If they're the kind of person you want to spend the weekend with, they're probably cool. If you have to explain to them that they shouldn't be fuckwits, then you shouldn't be inviting that person"- Bill - Passed 2014 Know as the "Bring a Cunt, you're the Cunt" Rule
  • James time- an activity, such as drinking Blood of the Trout at camp, to honor members no longer with us - Passed 2015

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