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Name Blackwall
Size/Population ???
Demographics Poor Miner Town
Alignment ???
Government Council
Age 80 Years
Kingdom Alkesia
Elevation Just Above Sea Level
Alignment ???

Blackwall is fully enclosed be a wall, its at about sea level.

Malaria plagues most of Blackwall

The only way in and out of Blackwall is via airship

Mine cart system is used for public transport

Air quality is low, most of the inhabitants wear cloth/material masks

Colony of Alkesia mining town for Adamantium from Blackwall Quary

Blackwall is run by a Union, mining union (mining union name?).

Inhabitants are a mix of all races. Mainly poor and moved here out of desperation for work or born and raised here.



  • Mine Cart - Internal round trip of city 3cps
  • Airship - Main port of call Faircall
  • North Air Ferry - To get out of town to the surrounding area



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