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Planning (Remove this section after camp has happened)

Things to Build Before Camp

Generic Must-Haves to take

  • TROUT-SLAP Donations Box
  • Glowsticks Cuntss
  • Music / Stereo
  • Timelapse Camera & tripod
  • Stargazing picnic blankets - P&k
  • Jaffle Iron / TS Camp Kitchen

Food to take

  • Bacon
  • Mince
  • Nachos / Corn Chips
  • Beer / Keg
  • Pancake choc chips
  • Marshmallow / Chocolate Melt Biscuits / Smores

Wet Weather gear

Check the weather in the week/days leading up

  • Playing Cards / Poker Run / Darts / Coits
  • Munchkin / Cards Against Humanity
  • Towels / Raincoats
  • Car Recovery Kit


  • Sparklers
  • Slack Line
  • Frisbees
  • Fireworks
  • Nigels???
  • Porn
  • Strippers

Things to do

  • Back of Ute painting / Paint fight
  • United Nations
  • Houses
  • King Determination
  • Presidential voting
  • Inductions
  • Bikes
  • make 2018/2019 gallery images


Date 2018
Event Link Facebook
Location Bulahdelah
Weather weather
Attendees Attendees

No Set Time


TS Gate Poop Patrol Choc Cookie Shooting Gallery Kites Rain Walking Pet Shark Yellow Tarp Gel Blasters Coconut Mojito 6 Kites 1 String Laser 1m 25 seconds of Night 4wding Troy Relationship Hardship Berocca Tab In Mouth Challenge


Leslie Joel Kyle Maverick Kristy Max Carly Scott Bill Paul Katie Troy Riley Maddie

Either use the old inbuilt gallery as per here;

or upload files to the trout-slap media server, and grab the automatically generated code and make a new page called 20XX_XC_Attendees_Gallery then use the following code;

2018 OC Attendees Gallery