2017 - Nuclear Winter Wonderland 2: Fallout

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TV shows in a nutshell https://imgur.com/gallery/1a16cf5

Max to create a planing timeline in 2016Q4

  • Dr nim or game of nim.

bottle cap post

Words from sponsors.

  • training post

To the tune of let it be: If you find you self in need of a spoon Pop on over to the training shop Give them some bottle caps And they'll give you a spoon.

  • pms

A quick word from our sponsor pms. Remember if you need a bandage ... or a RAG, they are ON IT. Announcer laughs. Oh. *fake laugh* check out their pad in the market district in the white tent with the red cross.

  • sponsored ads.

A quick message from bills sponsored ads. If you are looking to reach a drunken audience of dozens that will applaud at anything. *prompt for applause* stop in at the shop and ask about our promotional packages.