2016 AGM Minutes

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  • Kroony (Billian Kroonilian)
  • Sarevok (Joel Downillian)
  • SareBec (Bec Downillian)
  • Minikeg (Scott Karswellian)
  • Valdyr (Riley Valdyrian)
  • Ras (Maximillian)

Late (aka. peeps with kids)

  • Spam (Joel Hennillian)
  • Hero (Matt Mattillian)


SareBec: Is anybody else coming?
Kroony: Probably not.
Kroony: Welcome to the 2016 TS annual general meeting! No apologies for people not here.
Valdyr: We remembered to go to pizza hut but we didn't remember the agm

  • group laughter*

Previous Minutes

Valdyr: There's a lot in the previous minutes about free masons wars and gremlin adventures.
Kroony: *runs through previous minutes including salsa cleanup 2015*

  • group seconds this motion*

Rubber Fish By-Law

Minikeg suggests a rubber fish by-law (to use as a gavel)
Kroony: I am in agreeance with making this an official point.
Scott: Maybe we need to make it out of rubber.
Valdyr: What about latex?!?
Kroony: Maybe we can get one of those make your own dildo kits, or investigate whether porn shops sell fish.
Valdyr: The fish could splash people and then whoever it splashes takes the minutes in the next year.
Minikeg brings up a point that our logo isn't really based on a trout.

  • the room gasps*

Minikeg: Lets make one like our logo rather than specifically a trout.

  • group seconds and thirds this motion*

Valdyr: I am pre-preparing for when Kroony's votes are invalidated in the near future.


  • Spam enters the room*

Kroony: Is Paul coming to camp?
Valdyr: We need to find out a date first.
Kroony: Well if he does, let's do it.
Kroony: Was he at a camp we've recently been to?
Minikeg: If only there was a wiki for that...... *elluding to something*

  • Kroony checks phone, Paul has been at one with an initiation*

Kroony: Then we should probably do it anyway.
Valdyr: What about Katie? She's been around for a while too
Minikeg: Maybe 6 years....

  • Hero enters the room*

Valdyr: What if we do one of them and then make the other one feel bad and do the other the next day?

  • group laughs*
  • Minikeg makes a joke that's weird about fuck mountains*
  • crickets chirp*

Valdyr: So we should add Katie

  • group secronds and forthes this motion*

Membership Awareness

  • group reviews the members list*

Minikeg/Hero: Maybe make Abaddon and Freak in-active

  • group firths this motion*
  • group discussed how Terry's name is probably wrong and how his name is weird*

Valdyr: Terry apparently lives with someone with 70 bikes, some within the house. When the landlord came to inspect he asked whether there was an oil stain on the carpet. Terry's response was "Yes there is"

  • group laughs*

Valdyr: Oh and Stewart and Aleisha should probably be Roe and then make spawnling at a later date.

  • group sixtheses this motion*

Merchandise Charter 2016

Kroony: Patches, patches, get your patches! and stitch yourself up!

  • select members buy patches*

Nuclear Winter 2017

Kroony: The rough (admittidely drunken) plan for next years party time... is... secret...

  • secret whisper discussions not to be posted*

Noctober Camp Charter

Valyrd: We should ask Troy again
Kroony: Seconded *He says sadly as he has to do it*
Minikeg: Same location?

  • group agrees, probably best as it's mowed*

Kroony: Dates? Last year was the latest we've ever done it
Valrdy: First or second week of October?

  • pulls up Kroony's private calendar*

Ras: What about 'Push your friend into a bush week?' or 'Nerf war (all month)'
Vadrly: Need to avoid the vengaboys day!

  • group decides the 14-16 October 2016*

Kroony: Furthermore, make it known, it is co-inciding with 'Push your friend into a bush week'
Kroony: Things that need planning?
Minikeg: We need to do fix Nigel's bike
Kroony: We should organise a 'Let's go through the chairs day' to get rid of chairs that may or may not be used

  • group schevens that motion*

Valdyr: Working on a chilli-con-carne burger recipe
Ras: Minuted.
Valydr: Need to create a checklist of what we're taking / who's taking it
Ras: Gazebo?
Spam: I have one that I could bring
Vladyr: I might have a knuckles with pins gazebo (what?)
Kroony: If there's over four people willing to use my tent then maybe I'll take it

Easter Camp Charter

Valdyr: We should probably have one of those. Anyone planning to buy a farm between now and then?
Spam: We could do Glenrock or something but there's laws and things
Kroony: Troy's farm?

  • group eigthtihes this motion*

Valydr: We should probably go the week after Easter
SareBec: Easter is the 16th April 2017

  • pulls up calendar*

Valdyr: Is that Nerf war the same Nerf war from October 2016?

  • group guffaws at this*

Kroony: What about the week before Easter, i.e. 7th to 9th April 2017?

  • group scninths this motion*

Story Time

(Continued from last year)
The man couldn't find his car parked where he thought he parked it. It turns out that the sex/sexy goblins had the key and moved it
The man googled sexy goblins on comparethegoblin.com.au and found that he needed to 'persuade' the goblins to give it back in some way.
The man then equipped his rubber trout. "I want my keys" he says as he vicously slapped the key out from the goblins hand.
The goblin couldn't believe it, all the goblin wanted was to make a living. The goblin made a pouty face and googly eyes.
The man then felt sorry for the goblin and said "We can drive together if you want". The man and the sexy goblin drove off into the sunset to the city and stopped at...
(To be continued)

By-Law Proposals

Ras: So there was the trout-gavel as mentioned previously.
Valdry: I'll take on that action
Vldayr: We should reinvestigate who invites who to camp. Luke invited JD to camp last year (who was a dog). This is a breach of the rules

  • keen reminder to enforce our membership policy*

Treasurers Report 2016

SareBec: The bean count is at 26 dollars ($AUD) 36 cents (c). We made 66 cents (c) interest
SareBec: We got a plaque made for Fronk using TS approved funds in the 2015 fiscal year.
SareBec: I feel like I need to retire after a long term so a new treasurer needs to be appointed.
Hero: I nominate Nikki for treasurer.

  • group schtenths this motion and Nikki said 'Okay???'*

Other Events

Minikeg: What about tuesday dinners i.e. Schnitty?
Valdyr: Shortland hotel is OK
Minikeg: We should create a messenger group for TS for quick event chats

  • grout elevensches this motion*


Now - Kroony to itemise Rainbow Road components and organise someone on Alibaba to source these things
Now - Kroony to contact Troy about October camp
Now - Kroony to contact Nigel about fixing bikes before camp
Now - Kroony to figure out / add / remove people from the google calendar
Soon - Group to develop a camp inventory / checklist / working bee before easter camp and logistics of how to bring things
Soon - Kroony to organise a 'Let's go through the chairs day' to get rid of chairs
Soon - Valdyr to make a rubber-trout-gavel for future events
Q3 2016 - Valdyr to create his chilli-con-carne burger recipe before camp and share with all
Q4 2016 - Ras to develop a construction schedule to get to next years birthday times
Q2 2017 - Kroony to modify members list: Stuart and Alieiesha should probably be Roe and make Abaddon and Freak in-active