2016OC - Fronktober Fest

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Date 14-16 October
Event Link [Facebook]
Location Bulahdelah Undercamp
Weather Cold Friday night, warmer Saturday night. Sunny and calm during the days
Attendees 13


  • Riley Now that I am old, I would like to ban the young
  • Stuart It would be terrible if you suddenly became educated
  • Stuart Or maybe helvetica is a middle name... Arial Helvetica Csanki. Bill Then its like a font set! Unknown Helvetica Wing Dings Csanki
  • Bill Im banking my whole weekend on blocking myself up tonight Joel Ive never heard of anybody making the word halloumi bogan
  • Paul I was watching Dora the Explorer.. Now its Apocalypse Now - What the fuck!!
  • Bill Duct tape in hair is no good for bill.. No Bill doesnt need duct tape in his hair No he doesnt
  • Bill It may involve stealing every shoe you own and setting JELLY in them


  • Campfire Chat
  • Monster Stunt-Kite flying
  • Listening to Log Shack Building
  • Mud
  • Feasting on Vegetarian Pasta prepared by Katie
  • Endless whittling
  • Inductions
  • Arduino programming
  • Binocularing
  • Timelapsing
  • Many inflatables
  • Glowsticks
  • Fireflies (actual fireflies!)
  • Singing / guitarborating
  • Initiation for Katie and Paul


  • Joel
  • Terry
  • Bill
  • Cat
  • Scott
  • Riley
  • Stuart
  • Paul
  • Katie
  • Lachlan
  • Bronte
  • Alex
  • Nigel
Joel.jpg Terry.jpg Bill.jpg Cat.jpg Scott70.jpg Riley.jpg
Joel Terry Bill Cat Scott Riley
Stuart.jpg Paul.jpg Katie.jpg Lachlan.jpg Bronte.jpg Alex.jpg
Stuart Paul Katie Lachlan Bronte Alex

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