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Date 1 April - 3 April
Event Link Facebook
Location Bulahdelah Undercamp
Weather Sunny and warm, clear nights. Slight overcast Sunday
Attendees 9

  • Video: TS Media
  • Photos: Wiki Link
  • Quotes:
    • Ahh sounds like the old Bulahdelah %VERB% strangler.
    • Troys missus after drinking all terrys alcohol: Troy tie me to a tree and **** me Troy: Sorry guys, somethings come up and weve gotta go
    • Joel H: Yeah we are all 30 going on 16
    • Terry: Look for the patches of liquorice flavoured vomit Luke: Ive spent 8 years following that same pattern
    • Bill: This is my job now, my life, I cant do anything else! /on patting the dog/
    • Paul: So remember that time when bill got raped at camp and we did nothing to help him Riley: While we all laughed
    • Terry: Troys gonna wake up in the morning and go 'What the **** happened to my dog'? Bill: 'WHERE ARE ALL ITS ELECTROLYTES'
    • Joel: You are drinking pregnant woman alcohol Terry: Theres nothing wrong with that Joel: You had a pregnant lady help you with your sissy juice!
    • Riley: Looks really good, you could drink it out of the bottle, and Im not going to because I dont want to end up as the third of these mariachies
    • Joel: Ive recently watched all of vikings, and there is exactly 2 and one half sideboobs. There is no ****ing tits in vikings. Im sorry, but if you are watching vikings for tits like some sort of game of thrones... *trails off*
    • Riley: /made an excellent metaphor of being high like being in a hot air balloon/


  • Hummocking
  • Monkey Hut Construction
  • Barrel Fire 1st Burn
  • Social Cooking on Barrel Fire
  • Battery Pack Construction
  • Knife Sharpening
  • Morning Stomach Emptying competition
  • Dog assaults
  • Pub with no beer (licence)
  • Dog spotlight
  • Laying on Logs
  • Chicken Crimpy, Peri Mayo & Salad Sangas
  • Frozen Sausages


  • Bill
  • Cat
  • Joel
  • Lachlan
  • Luke (This is not a misprint)
  • The Human Chainsaw formerly known as Paul
  • Riley
  • Scott
  • Terry
  • J.D. aka Dogluke
  • Bowie aka "Thrusty McGee"
Bill.jpg Bowie.jpg Cat.jpg JD.jpg Joel.jpg Lachlan.jpg
Bill Bowie Cat JD Joel Lachlan
Luke.jpg Paul.jpg Riley.jpg Scott.jpg Terry.jpg
Luke Paul Riley Scott Terry

Link to Album: http://trout-slap.com/trout-slap.com/media/pics/index.php?album=/2016//160401+-+Easter+Camp/Attendees