2014EC - 'Barely Legal' Camp

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Date 25, 26, 27th April 2014
Event Link [Facebook]
Location Bulahdelah 'Dark Side of the Farm'
Weather Rain before arrival, sunny once we got there Friday, sunny and clear Saturday, light rain Sunday all day.
Attendees {{{5}}}

Troy and family were caravan camping at the cabin Friday night.


  • Roof tile fireplace grill
  • Camp Underfoot Night Time Safety System (CUNTSS) - Glowstick ropes - Many glowsticks - Glow-Frisbee-World-Championships [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
  • Primewang card game
  • Glowshots (the glowing drinks)
  • Glowshots (the SLR long exposure kind)
  • Glowchains
  • Drink-Poker
  • Failcouch
  • Jake Busking
  • ANZAC Biscuit Easter Egg Smores
  • Juggling / Telekinesis
  • Exchange Students
  • Keyboard/guitar/Mouth Piano Jamming to Sex Books
  • Valley drowning sound system [6]
  • Bacon marshmallow wraps [7]
  • Cop bullshitting [8]
  • Overly Happy [9]
  • 500 Sparklers [10]
  • Midnight bacon


2014EC-Amos.jpg 2014EC-Bec_D.jpg 2014EC-Bill.jpg 2014EC-Cat.jpg 2014EC-Frederik_Madsen.jpg 2014EC-Greg.jpg
Amos Bec D Bill Cat Frederik Madsen Greg
2014EC-Jake.jpg 2014EC-James.jpg 2014EC-Joel_D.jpg 2014EC-Joel_H.jpg 2014EC-Judd.jpg 2014EC-Katie_D.jpg
Jake James Joel D Joel H Judd Katie D
2014EC-Katie_L.jpg 2014EC-Lachlan.jpg 2014EC-Laurel.jpg 2014EC-Nikoline_Petersen.jpg 2014EC-Pat.jpg 2014EC-Paul.jpg
Katie L Lachlan Laurel Nikoline Peterson Pat Paul
2014EC-Scott.jpg 2014EC-Serena.jpg 2014EC-Terry.jpg
Scott Serena Terry

Link to Album: http://trout-slap.com/media/pics/index.php?album=/2014/140425+-+Easter+Camp/Attendees