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Trout-Slap Organised Reallife Gathering & Annually Scheduled Meeting

Held meeting on the 17th August, the two thousand and twelfth year of our trout.

Where: Spam's Google Map
When: 1900


  • Welcome/open meeting, assign Secretary - Kroony
  • Apologies for absence - Kroony
  • Approve minutes of the previous meeting - Kroony
  • Matters arising from the previous meeting - Kroony
  • A list of specific points to be discussed — this section is where the bulk of the discussion as well as decisions in the meeting usually takes place
    • Inception Date:Does anyone have any firm data to suggest a firmer 'Birthday/Anniversary' for TS other than XX/XX/2004 (Date TS Logo modified) - Minik
    • Current members/n00bs list updation - Kroony
    • New Member induction - Minik/Kroony
    • Personnel/Member files/TS Titles - Minik
    • Secret Handshake - Spam
    • Patches/Pins - Kroony
    • availability of (and wearing) of TS T-Shirts - Mentor
    • October Camp 2012 Planning - Minik
    • Stefan Wadds - Kroony
    • CS-GO release date Tuesday, Plan a LAN? - Kroony
    • ITSFF - Moss
    • rebuild spinning fire place - Mentor
    • FB TS page use/promotion to attract new members - Mentor
  • Any other business (AOB) — allowing a participant to raise another point for discussion. - Kroony
  • Arrange/announce details of next meeting - Kroony
  • Review Minutes, Form Actions - Secretary
  • Close meeting - Kroony



  • Joel h
  • Joel d
  • Max
  • Scott
  • Bill
  • Nigel
  • James
  • Bec
  • Matt
  • Alex
  • Bec


  • Riley to be initiated at next initiation event, invite to be sent. - Andy IAA stuff
  • Initiations to be held at each camp Camps#TS_Camps - to be discussed further: attire, procedure ect - Everyone Offline, Forum
  • The book of Trout-Slap will be the paper based forum - joel h to copy pasta into word doc, discuss printing further (office works $0.04 a page)
  • Need commit to semi regular event, poker, trivia, pool ect
  • Pool table and pinball to be at minik's new house. Mentor to donate
  • Create public ts group for spawnlings and event promotion. Make 2nd group for members only decision making - Public Group Exists
  • Spinning fireplace rebuild, joel to source axle with hub. Weld it all together
  • Free container giveaway to club, conditions? Joel to watch Facebook for more info
  • Event in November, Alex finishes HSC scott house warming
  • ITSFF, involved member makes list, joel d this time. Joel also seeing about use of compassion facilities for screening if not approach the regal cinema in Birmingham gardens
  • Next meeting to be before the party in November
  • Stage that fits in ute when we have money?




  • Sort our Member list based on who came - Bill, Actioned: Members, Scott Reactioned: Members
  • Prospects/noms to known as spawnlings - Bill, Actioned: Members
  • Camp on 21-22 October, Poll for location bulahdelah, chichester dam, nimbin, blue mountains, shooters hill - Bill, Actioned: http://www.facebook.com/events/366495930085251/
  • CSGO LAN when. Poll - Bill, Actioned: http://www.facebook.com/groups/50727052175/permalink/10151207750452176/
  • Change the wiki logo - Bill, Actioned: Main_Page
  • Camp donation fee... $5 EVERYONE, someone needs to be Treasurer! - Bec D, Actioned: Radital
  • Easter camp to always be at bulahdelah, October camps as planned - Bill, Actioned: [[Camps#TS_Camps]
  • Partners, offspring or saving the life of a member permits automatic membership, if they so wish. - Bill, Actioned : [Members#Member]
  • Handshake the fish wiggle. - Everyone, Actioned